Unicode Characters in Source Code File?

hello, i wanted to know if there is a way i could copy some unicode characters from charmap.exe (windows) and paste them in my source code file?
i am using vc++ 6 and whenever i try to paste a unicode character to my source code file (in my editor) it shows a "?" i am sure the editor does not allow unicodes to to used.
do you think the editor of visual 2008 or 2010 allows us to use unicode characters in the editor?
I've done this in VS2008 and VS2010 as I have some source code with greek letters for a physics model.

To do it, open your source file and go to:
File > Advanced Save Options... > Encoding:
Then select UNICODE from the dropdown menu.

You could also select Korean or Chinese if you want to code in those languages (Arabic, Hebrew, Ukranian, etc.)
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thanks a lot sir, i will download vS2008 right away :)
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