Dear All! I am a fresh student of IT. One of my subject is C++ which is quite difficult for me. Can any body guide me from which topic i should start learning it. In university they started from functions and i found them very difficult.
think it's better if you tell us what your problems are and what you don't understand.
if you can provide some code, even better.
One word "Bucky Roberts, you tube"
Functions are a useful topic to know. There are a couple of pages in this site's tutorial which cover functions. But really, you need to practice, that's the way to get a good grasp of a topic.
Thank alot Chervil! i have gone through the tutorial and learnt what i wanted to. I actually didnt even know the ABC of C language. so it helped me alot.
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I think that any course is not enough to get a solid knowledge without reading additional literature on the subject.
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