Easiest Language to begin with...

I picked up a book the other day in an attempt to learn C++. My goal is to become a game developer, and I thought learning C++ on my own early on would be a good idea. It's difficult to understand on my own, and programs I attempt to write encounter errors that I cannot solve. I was wondering if there was a language that was easier to learn than C++ without having to know C++.
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C++ is difficult, but an extensive language. Learning it will take time and patience. However it is extremely useful for making games or writing applications. If you wish to learn a language for game programming other then C++, try LUA. Java is not a primary language for games, but you could give it a try.
I read somewhere that python was a good language to get started with OOP
Thanks for the replies, I appreciate them. I think I try an easier language first, then go back to C++ with the experience under my belt. I think I'll look into to LUA, since it was recommended by Blue Shell. I also do some research into python, though I had to google what OOP meant. Thank you both for your quick and helpful replies.
I, personally started with python, HTML and java. It can get you into the mood (if you know what I mean...).
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