does anyone know how long 36^10 loops should take approximately?
with about 1 function each iteration.
i mean like is it an doable amount or will it take hours.
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I estimate about 100 days minimum, depending on the complexity of the function.
o i knew it would take a while but not that long....
Well, let's double-check.
I assume 36^10 means 36 to the power of 10, that is

Now let's say you can do 1 billion iterations per second.
The total time = 3656158440062976/1000000000 seconds
or 3656158 seconds
divide by 3600 to convert to hours and by 24 to convert hours to days
gives about 42 days as the result.
Depending on (a) the hardware and (b) the complexity of the processing, the result may vary.
o okay haha. i guess ill lower it to 36^7 loops then or something. thanks for the answer.
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