What is c++ used for , and is there future in it ?

So I was wondering , what is c++ all used for , and what kind of future does it have , is it worth learning it , is c# better ?
most video games today use c++
What librarys the use? and is there anything beside video games ?
There's a lot you can do with c++. Not just video games. Google uses c++ and so does mysql. Could get you a good job in the future? Depends on what you wanna do
> what is c++ all used for , and what kind of future does it have

In addition to the games segment mentioned earlier, the C++ niche has typically been building large infrastructural software.

> is c# better ?

It depends on the kind of program being written. C# is a good choice for certain kinds of programs; but one mainstream programming language is never going to be universally better than another one. Children believe that there is this one magic tool that is best for everything.

I tend to use either C++ or Python for most of the stuff that I write.
is there anything beside video games

Video games are just one example of resource-constrained programming for which C++ is the best production-grade language. Whether you're programming jet engine controls, high-speed traffic enforcement system, oil pipeline, or a laser printer, you need strict, prioritized control over resources and execution paths, or things will break, explode, and kill people. Whether you're programming a new top video game, a high-frequency trading program, or a whole stock exchange, a millisecond becomes an eternity and you need code that runs faster than your competitors can do on the same, latest, hardware. This is when C++ is again the only choice - other technologies don't survive the competition.

And yes, infrastructure is another huge niche that isn't going away.
In summary:

C++ is everywhere. Is it going away? No. Are there exciting positions using this technology? Absolutely.
Guys , this really encouraged me to continue learning it , thank you alot, also if anyone has some good advice for beginner , some good online tutorial that woudl be awesome :)
Beginner tutorial: http://www.cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/
Great reference: http://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp
You should also get books on design patterns. Look up reviews before you buy a book, there are a LOT of really really bad C++ books out there.
This site is also great: http://www.learncpp.com
or things will break, explode, and kill people.

unless you're writing code for military equipment :p

both C++ and C# can be used for games, however C++ is mostly the one used. However there are now a few top rated games selling on steam which were made with XNA. (which Microsoft decided to stop supporting... grrrrr... )

for accounting, database, etc. C# is used a lot. Simply Accounting was made with C# if i remember correctly.

for anything else, C++ is used a lot, like Cubbi said; "Jet engine controls, high-speed traffic enforcement system, oil pipeline, etc... "
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Nothing, and not at all.

Just kidding, C++ is a pretty big language that gets used in all sorts of fields. I'm currently an interview process with a large healthcare technology company for an intern position, and they use Java, Object-C, C# for their front end technologies, but the backend is all written in C++ and PHP.
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