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Hey guys
I m new to C++ and want to learn

but I don't know the editor for C++ and its compiler

so pls tell me where do I download the editor and its compiler

I also want to write such as window application likes Point of sale system in the future

so help me guys
If you're on Windows, Visual Studio is probably what most people recommend. If you're on any unix, the gcc-compiler will most likely already be on your system. Any text editor will do, it depends on what you like. If you're looking for an IDE(integrated development environment), you also have a lot of options. I don't use one personally, but I've used Code::Blocks before and found it pretty good:)
but Visual Studio reply no compiler for C++ in my computer
so, what should I do?

Here's the location for Visual Studio 2012 Express..
can you help me to program this.
1. modify the loop of while loop example so that the loops end either when the number zero is entered of after 10 number.
2. create a program which will ask the user to input a number & will be ask if the user does not want to continue the program will stop and it will display the sum of all inputs. ( used do- while loop)
3. write a program with corresponding output (check the program). used function
4.write a c program to convert temperature from farenheit to celsius.
please help me for our assignment. thankyou very much!
:o What programming language are you using Roseville?
turboC programming. can you help me about my problem? thank you .
ASAP please im going to pass my assignment this coming 1:00 pm. thankyou.
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