Function returning an array

Hello, I just started a university course and one of the assignments is to let the user enter in an array, then call a reverse function to reverse the array which sends this array back to the main function, then the main function prints it out.
I can get everything to work except the reverse function as it wont send back an array to the main function. Any help is appreciated.
Thank you

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int* reverse (int a)
int* z;
int i;
int test [3];
z = test;
for(n=2; n>-1; n--)
z [i] = a [n];
return z;

int main ()
int e_array [3];
int n;

cout << "Please enter 3 numbers: " << endl;
for(n=0; n<3; n++)
cin >> e_array[n];

int* r_array = reverse(e_array);

cout << "The 3 numbers reversed are: " << endl;
for(n=0; n<3; n++)
cout << r_array[n] << endl;
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In reverse() 'i' is uninitialized. You're changing the value of data outside of the array.
Also the type of the parameter is wrong. Currently it accepts a single int, not an array of them.

By the way there's no need for 'z'. You can change the values directly using test[i] and then return test;.
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Sorry about the lack of code tags I havent submitted before.

And thankyou i got my code to work :)
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