Possibility to avoid {} in initializer_list instances.

Is there any possible way to avoid the curly brackets in the following call?
  void funct(initializer_list<int> args){/*...*/}
  int main(){
     funct( {1,2,3} );   //<--This line

I tried searching it up but got nowhere fast.

On a random note, I like the new "New Topic" box with the "Write your question here" and the automatic code tags. :3
AFAIK there isn't. By definition initializer_lists are wrapped in braces.

Ah! Just noticing they put that in there as well. That's going to help a lot :P
Why do you want to avoid using the curly braces? The items would then be interpreted as individual parameters, and you could just use a vararg function to handle that situation, but your current code is much cleaner.
Oh, well thank you anyway. I am worried about my team members using my function without the brackets because they won't expect an initializer_list... Even I'm worried about forgetting that I need the brackets and start using the function blindly.
A braced-init-list is required.

Except that we can pass an empty initializer list with
funct( std::initializer_list<int>() ) ;
Daleth wrote:
I'm worried about forgetting that I need the brackets
Fear not. If you forget the brackets the compiler will tell you very clearly that you have made that mistake, then you can correct it swiftly.
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