What is the purpose of C++?

Like the title, I want to know about the purpose of c++, is it the c++ is a component in order to make a software (eg: os etc), please experts give a quick hint about what is the purpose of c++, thanks.
The purpose of C++ is to write software for hardware.:)

Why should something have a "purpose" anyway?
Why should something have a "purpose" anyway?

Because all what is created by a human being has its purpose.:) Only the human being itself has no purpose.:)
C++ is a language that humans can understand which communicates instructions to a program called a compiler which converts human-readable code into a string of ones and zeroes which is the only thing a machine can understand, but which is impractical for people to work with (since trying to make sense of a billion pages of ones and zeroes would make you insane).

It is a language with a few dozen words which, once you learn it, you will be able to incorporate pre-written sets of instructions (libraries) into larger and more complex programs to do whatever you want it to do, from outputting graphics or making a game or storing data or a thousand other things.

Similarly html is a language that is easy for humans to understand which gives instructions to a web browser which tell it how to display data on a webpage, what size to make the text, where to put it, what font to use, how big the images should be and so on.
Thanks experts! as im newbie, i need to know the purpose of what im learning so i can know where to apply what i learn in a correct way!thanks again!
I'm no expert, I'm a newbie myself. A little less green perhaps.
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