Tower Defense game - which graphic library?

Hi, I'm asking for help to choose graphic library.

First of all: Sorry for my english, it's not my nativ languague. Grammar nazis can get heart attack by reading this so... Be aware.

I'm planning to write a game in C++. I'm someone between beginner and advanced programmer but I never used graphic libraries to that scale. I would like suggestions what to use to make my game. I read a lot and thought about it for few months but still can't make decision. I'm scared that SDL won't be enough to make everything in my game and OpenGL seems quite complicated to me, so I don't know if it's worht to dive into it.

So here is my idea:
I want to make Tower Defense game with view from top (like recent Prime World Defenders game) controlled mostly by mouse. There need to be menu ofc, some other panels like shop, customization etc. Maps won't fit whole on the screen -> scrolling. Mobs and towers will be animated, mobs walking, towers shooting etc. Damage dealt to mobs will be more complicated than basic TD game. Some magic spells will be there too. Also I'm hoping to do multiplayer, but that in the future, now I'm not ready to do such thing.
There will be no player character, so moving with keyboard and collisions won't be needed. Enemies will walk like on chessboard and everything will be done this way (so 1 tower -> 1 square). But enemies of cours won't move by 1 square huge as tower, that would look ridiculus.

So, can you suggest me which graphic library should I choose?
Which will be enough to make this and which will be the best?
Keep in mind that I'm not as advanced as I would like. But I can give myself some time to learn some more advanced library if this will greatly improve my future game.

Also, I'm not in hurry. This is my dream game. I'm not the one who thinks, that such game will take him only month or year.

Thanks for any response!
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I'd suggest SFML.
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