Creating project templates? Visual C++ 2010

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How could I create a project template so that I can create a new project without having to copy across all the source files and library directories ect. In Visual C++ 2010 express?

Its not easy with VS2010, search custom project wizard. It is MUCH easier with VS2012, there all you need to do is set up a project and file> export.
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Thanks, I've been thinking about moving to VS2012 for some time and this sounds like the perfect excuse. Is there anything I need to know before transitioning?
I had issues with having VS2010 installed and had to uninstall it first, VS2012 was using files from the 2010 installation. I don't know if this has been fixed, I installed before the updates were released, but something you should be aware of.
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Thats why I use codeblocks.
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