Speech Recognition for Programmers!?!??!?!?!

Hey ya’ll. Just wondering if you guys ever thought about speech recognition for programmers. If you think it’s a terrible idea, I wouldn’t blame you. Having to say out loud all of those symbols that go with the syntax would be very tedious. But, what if we just ‘teach’ the syntax to the software? For instance, the software could recognize key words that are part of the syntax for control structures. I could say ‘for’ and the entire control structure would appear along with the functionality to press tab/click to go to the next part of the control structure to be filled via speech. Also, you could direct the curser to go to a certain part of the control structure, like in the case of the switch structure you could say ‘case’ (and maybe a number to designate which case), or you could just say ‘end’ and go to the next closed curly bracket. And so forth…

I wouldn’t recommend dictating an entire program. That’s why I think this should come with an on/off switch. Really, I’d only expect it to be used when writing certain parts of the code. I wouldn’t use it when putting down all the global variables, for example. I guess I just think this would be really neat. It would certainly flow more naturally than existing solutions, and perhaps speaking out loud would help with the logic of the code?

Overall, I do think this would be an interesting plugin for existing IDEs. Xcode, for example, already has the ability to automatically generate control structures after typing just a few characters like ‘swit’ for the switch statement.

I have other ideas, too, and would consider working on this – with others even. Open-source, of couse!

P.S. I have no experience with speech recognition algorithms.
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Hmmm.... it seems to have developer kits.
This is not something that I would ever use. Not because speech recognition doesn't have its merits, but because I think it would be useless to most people (in this application). There are some things that are easier typed. We spend so much time typing that we can practically transcribe thought from our heads to the text editor. Talking to it (imo) would only slow you down.
Again this is just my opinion (and I'm not trying to sound hostile at all with this). I could never see myself talking bits of program to my computer. I can usually think something, then type it out faster than I could bring myself to say it, especially if it has to follow strict logical rules, because then you'd have to be very careful about how you piece phrases together. With modern day intellisense I can usually type something out as I think it.

On an unrelated topic:
Does anyone else find it difficult to explain your code verbally? I've always had a real difficult time talking to someone about my code. But it's only verbally. I can explain myself much better when I type it. Perhaps it has to do with the neural pairing of typing and programming in my head.
I have a hard time explaining code also. Though I do find it helps a ton in understanding what needs to be programmed when I verbally discuss the issue with someone.
ResidentBiscuit wrote:
it helps a ton in understanding what needs to be programmed when I verbally discuss the issue
No arguments there. It's easy to converse about general topics, but very hard to explain the actual code (verbally).
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