can c++ be use in creating a software to view the output of a wireless camera live in my computer? like a software used in DVR. Noob here. Thank you.
I don't see why not you can use it for any other i/o device AFAIK that's why people use it to program microprocessors and stuff.
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Yes but it will need years of training
Not necessarily....
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Dude he wants to make a program that will need alot of work...just imagine...can u make it
I guess at least a year's worth of practising C++ before tackling something like that. But there are probably some APIs that would help ease the difficulty.
yamskie19 wrote:
software to view the output of a wireless camera live
He just wants to view the output of his webcam or w.e it is not create a webcam.
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I know..a wireless webcam...he will need to include the ip stuff and all that...and the view of his cam..but like Dalkeith said he can get APIs
definitely possible, but hard, and lots of research and knowledge needed about system I/O, video stuff, networking etc
do you have any suggestion what programming languge i should use?
thank you for all of your replies.
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There are loads to chose from...But i would suggest c++...Probably everyone here would. :)
can u give me a link where can i study stuff needed for it? thank you.
Check out gstreamer. It has many of the tools you might need. It's written in C, but you can use C++ if you want to.
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