How to make a basic SFML?

I have downloaded the SFML libraries and I don't know how to start. Do I use
int main?

So far my code:

#include <C:\SFML\include\SFML.h> 

I need to know how to link to the libs with VS 2012. If you know how to do VS 2010, it would be fine too.

Extremely verbose Step - by - Step guide:
This is all explained on their site.

But anyway,
Go to your project properties, and:
- Under C/C++ -> Additional Include Directories: add your SFML include directory (in your case, it looks like C:\SFML\include)
- Under Linker -> Additional Library Directories: add the SFML lib directory (probably C:\SFML\lib)
- Under Linker -> Input -> Additional Files (or something like that): make a semicolon separated list of the sfml library files your project is using (e.g. "sfml-graphics-d.lib;sfml-audio-d.lib" for the debug graphics and audio libs, etc.)

Now when you include SFML headers, just write #include <SFML/Graphics.hpp> or whatever.

As for example programs, there are some on the SFML site you can copy and try to run. See the earlier link at the bottom of the page.
Ok, the way I did it was follow the SFML official site setup instructions exactly. It works! Thank you Zhuge and Disch


If you use a different tutorial after you have it set up, make sure you have a tutorial about version 2.0 or 2.1. The 1.6 naming convention is different.
It makes it very hard to use.
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