Why isnt this line working in my new program?

#include (iostream)

int _tmain(int argc _TCHAR* argv[])
int Choice;

printf ( "Welcome to Empty Adventures.\n\n" );
printf ( "In this game you will be given choices\n");
printf ( "Good luck brave one\n");

printf ( "/n/n You find yourself in an odd landscape./n");
printf ( "You find an odd rock on the ground./n");
printf ( "What do you do?/n");

On the first printf it says Welcome to Empty Adventures but there is an error. When i go over it it says Error: identifier "printf" is undefined.
Im using c++ Visual Studio 2010.
All the other printf's are fine. It isnt done and i could use some help.
Can somebody help me?
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I don't understnad what causes your problem directly, but I do see a few things

1. Replace /n with \n.
2. int _tmain(int argc _TCHAR* argv[]) should be int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[])
Thanks! That might have been the problem the whole time. I will get it fixed up right away
ok it wasnt the problem but thanks for the help.
your iostream should look as follows

#include <iostream>
Even though it is correct, it still won't help him. He should be including the correct C header for I/O and not the C++ header.
#include <stdio.h> 
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You may have not just copied it to your post, but there is not a } at the end. Everything else I noticed, has already been mentioned.
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