Integer LP solver with Qt application

I am writing a Qt C++ application in which I need to solve a Mixed Integer Linear Programming Problem. Is this possible with any standard Qt or C++ libraries?

If no, then what options do I have? I have looked at lpsolve ( and I have heard that it is very good for a beginner. However I am unable to determine how to integrate it with Qt.

Any help/quidance shall be greatly appreciated.

Any suggestions?
lpsolve lists three methods:
* separate
* IDE // this we can ignore

The separate method means that your program writes input files, an lpsolve binary is run and then your program reads the output. QProcess lets your program to launch the lpsolve and process output when ready. Reading and writing files is tedious though.

The API way is the integrated way. STL is a library. Qt is a library. lpsolve is a library. You include headers, call methods, and link them all just the same. You just have to tell the Qt project where to find the lpsolve headers and lib.
Thanks a ton keskiverto!

That surely clarifies things...
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