book for learning c++

i want learn c++ with this book : "Beginning visual C++ 2010" Ivor Horton's. this the link :
is that good book for learning c++? thank you... (sorry my english is so bad)
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Don't know about this particular (Ivor Hoprton's) book.

The books listed under 'Beginner Introductory' here:
are all very good.

Bruce Eckel's book is also available as a free e-book.

C++ Primer fifth edition (Lippman, Lajoie, Moo) is up to date (covers C++11).
Thank you for your answer JLBorges. Anyone else know this book? (Sorry for my bad english)
I used to have that book (Beginning Visual C++ 2010), and I would say yes, it is good. It doesn't cover C++11 though, so that may be a problem for you. If you just want to get up and running with c++ in windows then I would recommend it. It makes a good reference too. The chapter on win32 programming can be skipped though, because there is just too little information there to be of much use(get an actual windows programming book for that).
Hi, i Used Beginning C++ through game Programming, i definitely recommend it if you want to program games, it's amazing. If you're not planning on writing games then you should get 'Jumping into C++' or 'C++ primer' get the latest editions, hope i helped.
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