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To have some punk take my answer, then run away with it all secretly is more frustrating than anything else. It's extremely greedy and ungrateful. It almost makes me not want to bother posting responses.

That's fair as it would be rather frustrating if that occurred to me. I think the OP was just paranoid. Professors can be rather strict and intimidating and perhaps one of the OP's prof requirement was not to use the internet for help. Just speculation of course.
Teaching programmers not to use the internet is like building a car without looking at the instruction manual - you've just got the tools and the parts and you're not allowed to ask how to put it together. Makes absolutely no sense.

The only time it could make sense is for exams/quizzes/tests.
... reports/thesis/etc. Plagiarism is an issue in academic world too and handy applications can compare work submitted by students against the inet (scary deed) to spot copy-paste content (even referates require appropriate references to original sources).
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