C++ Development Editor for Windows/Unix

Dear Friends,

I extensively code in C++ on Unix. However i am looking for some IDE on windows where i can do coding and save and compile on unix by staying on windows itself. Currecntly i use Notepad++ (NppFTP plugin) to code and save on unix. But to compile i have to switch to Unix box (putty).
Isn't there any tool that provide this level of flexibility ?

Apologies if this question is asked into a wroing forum.

Rakesh Kr.
What you're looking for is a cross-compiler.

There are a few options. Cygwin is one. You could also use the -target option with GCC.
Not really cross-compiler.
I want to write code on Windows host using some editor and compile the code using the same editor which is used for development. But compilation should take place on Unix.
So looking for some IDE which can be used on Windows but have direct connection (FTP) to Unix host.
Am I right in thinking you want A windows GUI but a *nix back-end? If so, try Xming.

Xming will run an xserver locally on your windows box, so all the graphical stfuff gets forwarded to your windows PC. You can then start your favourite editor/ide (eclipse, kate, etc), the display will be on your windows machine, but the work will be done on the *nix (over ssh, telnet, etc) it's all configurable. I think underneath it uses it's own version of putty but you can configure it with even more flexibility by installing standalone PuTTy.

Note, you will still be using a *nix editor not a windows one, all the work is done on *nix, you just happen to have your ide displayed on your local windows PC without having to faff about with VNC.
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