Viewing Functions in Main

I would like my program to display other functions in the int main function.
For example, this is what my program looks like:

int Function1(int &var1, int &var2, int &var3)
cout << "blah blah blah" ;
cin >> var1 ;
var2 = var1 * 3 ; //example
var3 = var1 * var2 ; //example
if(blah blah blah)
cout << var3 ;
blah blah blah

return var1 ;
return var2 ;
return var3 ;

int functnion2 (int var4)
cout << "blah blah" ;
int var1 ;
int var2
int var3 ;
function1 (var1, var2, var3) ;
//do something with var1, var2, var3 and whatever other varibles are introduced in this function...
return var4 ;

int main()
//i want all the couts and cins from both function1 and function2 to be displayed
//how would i do that? like this:?

function1() ;
function2() ;

//if not, how?

system ("PAUSE") ;
Any response would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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