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Hello! I have been studying C++ for more that one year and a half and I know how to work with data structures and things like that including Classes. Can you recommend me a book that follows the steps of making a real life projects? I mean a book that is dedicated to creating a project like the ones that programmers are supposed to built. Not just like the little tasks that are given in the books. For example "Create a binary tree and do something with it". I know that data structures are important part of programming but these tasks are just a little pieces of code that is needed for a real life project.

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I found the Visual C++ books by Ivor Horton to be quite good. His books normally teach you different aspects of programming Visual C++ while writing the code for a single project throughout the book.
i think you should approach this from the other direction.
put your books away, think of a project and code it.

write a game, or a tool to do something.

how much coding are you doing at the moment? 18 months is long time to just read.
I code a lot but mainly little projects. For example I have written a Sudoku Solver and Snake Game. Only the Snake Game is a bit advanced but it is also just a little code. Do you have any ideas about advanced projects? I wanted a book because I thought that there would be shown how a project looks like, what is it's strucure and stuff like that. But if you say that I need to do the things myself ok. Just suggest some good advanced projects that can't be written for half an hour :)
How about a program that imports the lottery results from the lotto web-page, stores it in a database or xml file. Updates the data held for draws so far not downloaded. Calculates the balls it expects to be drawn for the next draw. Uses a GUI that shows each draw on balls like the lotto web page does.
Nice idea. It will also make me search information about how to download information from web page and save it in xml file. Thanks :)
I know it is a sin to say so, but C++ is not the best choice for such a program.

Throw few screenshots of your "snake" for us to see - perhaps it would be better for you to continue exercises with game projects. It is at least somewhat more funny :)
My snake game was on my old laptop but it crashed and I didn't make a copy somewhere else. I lost it :(. But it wasn't something special. It was in the console with ASCII symbols for the body and the other things..
When I start learning programming I was hoping one day to make a perogram that takes football/soccer scores from a web page and shows the to the user. Now I realise that it is not so hard. The only part that I don't know how to do is - How can I download an XML file. For example this: . And how to parse it. Is it possible to do that using C++? If so, can you recommend me a good way to do it? :)
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You probably won't download an xml file from the site unless it has an API that will do this. Instead you will need to "extract" the data from the web-page, and then create an xml file from the raw data. I use libxml2 which I find gives me all the functionality that I require, MSXML doesn't provide all that I need for what I do. Anyway, unless you are going to re-invent the wheel and write your own xml library, then use a 3rd party xml library.
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