Somewhat large program, unsure of how to get it compiled.

We have to run unit tests on a program built in ~2001 for my Software Engineering class, but I can't get it to run.

It's got a VC++ Project that grabs all the correct files, but gives a lot of errors about not being able to find the included headers, and since most of them were stdafx.h, i tried copying that file into each directory of the project.

This made removed all the errors regarding that particular file, so I created a second project and added all the source & header files to it with the "add existing item" item in Visual Studio. This gave me a lot of errors when I tried running it, though they were too many and lost too quickly for me to see what most of them were.

Does anyone have suggestions?

Please? I forgot to test on Tuesday because of my busy schedule, and this is due today.

I have the tests written, just need to make sure they work, which I would need a working program.
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