Why do you use C++?

Why do you guys write code in C++? What made you choose C++, and what are you making with it? (games, software etc..)

>Why do you guys write code in C++?

Mostly for performance reasons I guess. It's also the language I'm most familiar with and I've spent so much time and energy learning it. It's taken me forever to get this far with it and I'm still a horrible programmer haha.

>What made you choose C++, and what are you making with it?

I took a C programming class in college that I failed miserably because my teacher was awful. Being the stubborn person I am I decided to teach myself C and I did. At the back of the book I was using was a section on C++ and object oriented programming, I wanted to learn more about object oriented programming so I bought a book on C++ and the rest is history.
I write code in C++ because it is the only language I know that is strongly typed, supports const correctness, and allows you to write a swap function. You'd be surprised how many languages there are now that you cannot write a swap function in. Having to work without const-correctness means I usually end up making excessive wrappers to provide read-only interfaces. As for why I like strongly-typed languages, weakly- or dynamically-typed languages shoot my anxiety through the roof and I can never remember what type everything is supposed to be.

I started learning C++ just before 9th grade (first year of high school) because I wanted to develop extensions/plugins for the software I used to make games and applications at the time.
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What made you choose C++

I was the editor for a translation of Scott Meyers's first book in 1999, so I was required to read every word of it, and it made me appreciate some of the choices made in C++. The following year, while still a C programmer working in OS development, I saw how awesome was well-written C++ that some of our customers had, and started turning my career that way.

Why do you guys write code in C++?

Zero-cost abstractions, excellent resource management, infrastructure-building capabilities, practicality, and determinism.

what are you making with it?

Money! (or, more specifically, software used in finance. Earlier I was making embedded/real-time software)
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Why do you guys write code in C++?
When I still wrote it, to gain experience.

What made you choose C++
C was my first language, and I wanted to try the additional functionalities of C++. There was also a project I was interested in that was in C++. And everyone says C and C++ are so performant, you can't miss on that.

what are you making with it?
Fun stuff. Sometimes I write classes and functions that do small things, just for the satisfaction of implementing the solution to a problem. The only program I ever made that actually had some degree of completeness was a pong clone for an interview in a school.

I'm in with LB for dynamically typed languages. That's so annoying. The thing I'm working on now is in python and I can never be sure if arguments are ints, lists, or dicts.
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It was the first language I ever learned; and it wasn't a choice more like the first time I was introduced to programming in college, c++ was the language of choice so in order to pass the class I had to learn the darned thing.

Mostly I write in c++ because I don't want to have to deal with java's verbocity. Recently I am just in love with the new features that showed up in c++11 (lamda expressions and initializer lists).

Programming in c++ also helps adapting to other strongly typed object oriented languages like java, c#, python...
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