C++ forum renaissance!

During school, I didn't have class. I needed to be doing something educational. I felt creative so I opened a good ol' C++ compiler when *BAM!* What do I write? I thought "Meh, lets go and find a medium-basic but time consuming challenge/puzzle!" All I found was "Hello world!" and 'spot the error' challenges. Well I say no more! I say we must all come together on this one page and post time consuming but easy-medium projects we wrote as kids for fun in our downtime! Things such as 16-BIT Tic-Tac-Toe and Simon Says!

Have fun!
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I wrote this NSF player in 2 weekends (this was about a month ago -- and I had a lot of prior experience with this, so it was only really easy/medium for me):


Also, this probably should be in the Lounge, yah?
Implementing STL containers should be fun.
Yeah, I guess it should be. Sorry.
Disch, you are my hero! I love the NSF player! Awww Final Fantasy! Great work! I actually was just researching NES/FAMICOM sound hardware just two days ago!
I have a weird attraction to NES emulation. I freaking love it. I seem to keep coming back to it over and over again. Writing an emu is like one of the most fun projects I've ever done. I recommend it to everyone.

I'm happy to answer questions about it... or questions about the nsf player source. Love love love.
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That was awesome @Disch !!
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