is thinking in c++ necceserry?

hi, well i started reading thinking in c++ when i comeback from school im sleepy its hard for me to read i read over and over to understand:D
but i read till 102 and i havent found anything new!!! im not learning anything new from it its just all the stuff i knew but explained in longer lines !

i want to be a profassional c++ programmer !
My advice is to not just read a book, books teach you the FUNdamentals of programing, go online and search on something you can make a project for yourself, try project eular for some challenges. hopefully someone else will add on to what I might have. Remember the more you code the better you understand.
So, your telling me ALSO do projects while reading or just i dont need that book and focus more on projects and practicing ?

i know i speak English tereffic and horrible but all i know i just learned from google ! never stepped on a English class ! i mean that if i dont understand a bit of project im doing i will read it until i compeletly understand :D
do both.

read as many books as you can, but don't expect to learn everything from them, for the most part they are an easy way for the author to tell you their opinions, this is a good place to build up your own opinions from but it will never replace hands on learning.

do as many of these tutorials as you can

read, code, read, code, read, code.

it's worth reading, although i personally find it somewhat boring.

im not learning anything new from it its just all the stuff i knew but explained in longer lines !

LoL, that's exactly what i feel too when reading it XDD
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Hmm can't say I've ever picked up a programming book and read it cover to cover. I just skip around to sections which are new to me, or where I want to know more about.

An exception to this, was Scott Meyers' Effective C++. I highly recommend getting that book and reading it cover to cover.
Thanks so much:) ok i will skip over and read new things also i will read effective c++ and then i gotta start programming some GUI ! i will program whit Qt!
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