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It's very simple, open cmake-gui. Add the source directory in the textbox and the location you want to build the binaries in the other (I use a build directory in the SFML root folder) and click configure. Cmake will ask which generator to use, select Visual Studio 12 (either 32 or 64 bit) from the dropdown menu. Cmake will then start configuring, afterward some values will be red, these options may need adjusting.

I build static libs so I dont have to worry about DLLs. To do that de-select build shared libs and select static stdlib. Click configure again, it should succeed. Then click generate.
Cmake generates VS solution files in the build directory you selected earlier, open the project in VS and build.

After the build I install to Program Files (you can select the directory to install to before configuring), you may need to run VS as admin to install in some directories, but dont build as admin. In the cmake gui, build type is set to release, you will need to change it to debug and re-configure, generate, and build the project again to get release and debug libs.
whoa, ok that sounds like a lot but I will give it a try this weekend. Thanks for all the help.
Well I ran the Cmake like you said naraku, and it made for me a file called SFML.sln... Now that is a type I recognize, so I loaded it into VS2013. The screen was mostly blank but a project was loaded so I tried to compile it anyways. I got so many error messages it was crazy, and I think I even saw a stream of smoke comming from my monitor.

I tried it again, this time running with mostly the default settings. Once again CMake produced a file called SFML.sln...

I tried to compile this one and got much better results. That is to say my compiler results were build 8 succeeded, 0 failed. But a window did appear that said,"
Unable to start program 'C:\sfml-build\Release\ALL_Build'. The system cannot find the file specified.

Did it work? What do I do next? When can I start using sfml?
Well I got tired of fighting with it, so I did what I should have done long ago. I placed VS2013 gingerly into the toilet and flushed, cackeling like a mad school girl. I am done with it. I went with VS2012 and am already in love. SFML works for me now baby!

"Damn it Jim, I am a coder not an SFML installation expert!"
Why ditch 2013? It sounds like the build succeeded.
Well my main interest is game dev. and while I still believe that VS2013 is a good compiler, I could not figure out how to get sfml to work with it. It seems to be working just fine with VS2012 so I am good with this. If they make a ready to download package for VS2013 I might go back to it.

This is SFML 2.1 compiled for VS2013. Here is where I got it from and they provide an installation guide too.
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