VGA resolution limit with 1bpp mono graphics modes?

What is the limit of a VGA with 256k VRAM, running 1bpp monochrome graphics? How high can the display resolution go?
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That all depends on the display now doesn't it?
No, it depends on the video card's hardware design. Most systems simply aren't designed to have any sane behavior for non-spec video modes.

Superfury here really just needs to spend the twenty or so dollars it would cost to buy a pain vanilla VGA card and start feeding it values. (Modern cards are unlikely to self-destruct from such abuse.)

The next lesson to learn is that not every state need have valid/sane output. It is well within an emulator's prerogative to refuse to work when misprogrammed.
Superfury looks like he already has the specs on the graphics card, the next part of the equation is the display. I could have a brand new graphics card in a gaming PC and it wouldn't do any good what so ever if I plugged it into four adapters and then some mechanical television that only supports 10 DPI (hyperbole of course).
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