Compile Error- need help with multi. file implementation

Listed below are my four separate files that I'm using to compile my program. When I try and compile I get a long string of errors that look like this:

/tmp/cc70S4oH.o:Person.cpp:(.text+0x64): first defined here
/tmp/cctUpbgp.o: In function `Person::getName()':
stdDev.cpp:(.text+0xd0): multiple definition of `Person::getName()'
/tmp/cc70S4oH.o:Person.cpp:(.text+0xd0): first defined here
/tmp/cctUpbgp.o: In function `Person::getAge()':
stdDev.cpp:(.text+0xfe): multiple definition of `Person::getAge()'
/tmp/cc70S4oH.o:Person.cpp:(.text+0xfe): first defined here
/tmp/cchDhDS7.o: In function `Person::Person()':
main.cpp:(.text+0x0): multiple definition of `Person::Person()'
/tmp/cc70S4oH.o:Person.cpp:(.text+0x0): first defined here
/tmp/cchDhDS7.o: In function `Person::Person()':
main.cpp:(.text+0x0): multiple definition of `Person::Person()'

Here is my code with 4 files:

#ifndef MY_PERSON
# define MY_PERSON
using namespace std;
class Person
int age;
string name;


// constructor

// constructor
Person(string, int);

// getter methods

string getName();

int getAge();
#include "Person.hpp"
// constructor
name = "";
age = 0;
// constructor
Person::Person(string n, int a)
name = n;
age = a;
// getter methods
string Person::getName()
return name;
int Person::getAge()
return age;
#include "Person.cpp"
double stdDev(Person arr[], int n)
double mean = 0.0, sum = 0.0;
int i;

// get the total of age of all person
for( i = 0 ; i < n ; i++ )
sum += (double)arr[i].getAge();

// calculate mean
mean = sum / (double)n;

double temp_sum = 0.0;

for( i = 0 ; i < n ; i++ )
temp_sum += pow(arr[i].getAge() - mean, 2);

// calculate standard deviation
double sd = sqrt(temp_sum / (double)(n - 1));

return sd;
#include "stdDev.cpp"
int main()
Person *arr = new Person[6];

arr[0] = Person("Monica Geller", 28);
arr[1] = Person("Chandler Bing", 32);
arr[2] = Person("Ross Geller", 38);
arr[3] = Person("Rachel Green", 23);
arr[4] = Person("Joeseph Tribianni", 42);
arr[5] = Person("Phoebe Buffay", 17);

double sd = stdDev(arr, 6);

cout<<"Standard Deviation : "<<sd;

return 0;

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Include only the header files like "Person.hpp" not the cpp. A *.cpp file is a compiler unit which needs to be part of the project or make.
I would advice putting all definitions in the .cpp and the declaring all the functions in the .hpp. With the extern keyword. It works for me, but I am looking for a better approach myself, for declaring and initializing classes in diff files.
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