something understandless

how i can display the temperature data in this question
and the what the problem in this function

Define a function reading a .csv formatted file with mean daily temperature data - the file name shall be a parameter - and storing read temperature data into an - also given as parameter - two-dimensional array for the 12 month and maximum 31 days each month.
The to be read ASCII text file consists of two columns separated by a semicolon; in the first column the date is given in german notation day.month.year, in the second column the temperature as a floating point number (example files: duisburg-2015.csv, duisburg-2016.csv, duisburg-2017.csv).

string readfile (string readfile,float array [][12],int days)
{ int days=31;
int mounth;
ifstream inFile;;
if (!infile.is_open())
cerr<<"error opening file"<<readfile<<endl;

cout<<"input file"<<readfile<<"oppend"<<endl;
for(int mounth=0;mounth<12;mounth++)
for(int days=o;days<31;days++)

Where do you read data from file?

If function is for reading, then then that is the only thing it should do. Some other function will display data.
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