white space question

I want to direct to this address in my path variable:

Environmental/system vars:

variable name = path
variable value = C:\Program Files\mingw64

Something tells me that the white space between Program & Files could be a problem?
not sure exactly what you are doing but when dealing with whitespace paths in the command prompt you put " in front of it eg

cd "c:\program files

the end quote isnt even needed, but it will take it if you feel compelled.

on the path, mine looks like this for program files:


etc, which means you can use the 8.3 filename format if spaces are giving trouble.
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I am just simply updating the path variable in my system to tell it where to look for minGW64\bin.

It resides in c:\Program Files\

which means you can use the 8.3 filename format if spaces are giving trouble.

Yes - I don't know whether it will. What sort of error would there be due to white spacing in this example.

I could reinstall to a path



Thank you for your time.
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windows path is perfectly capable of dealing with the space in the file name.
You can probably open your path variable right now and see a dozen references to program files (x86) folder already in it.

you should not make a new programfiles folder. That is kind of ugly.

look for an example in your path already, and if that does not exist (it really should), look online for the right way to do it.
I just messed with it in a command prompt and it works fine.
I did
path = c:\program files\folder
path (this verified my change, which is local to the one instance of the shell thankfully when done this way)
cd\ (return to c:\
programname (executed a program in the folder under the path to test it)
and it worked.

so just put the spaces in and see if it works, it should.

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If I remember correctly the installer of MinGW said it should be installed in a folder without spaces.
Normally on Windows spaces are legal but I guess for programs with a Linux background things are different.
I have installed it on C:\MinGw and it works perfectly.
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