First ever FPS game with plugins

FIRST EVER!!! First Person Shooter game built entirely on a plugin architecture. After over a year of

development I bring to you Plugin FPS. Add any character,weapon,arena,game mode, and more that your

imagination can create. Full documentation is included. Along with source code for the default plugins so you

can be up to speed on how to add to the project. I'm looking forward to seeing how this project evolves so

show me what you can add!
Why Google Drive instead of Github?
Plan on including a build system (e.g. make) or project file so we wouldn't have to manually stitch everything together? Perhaps I missed it. A readme file would be nice. (Edit: I see you have a .chm in documentation, but, IIRC, scripts can be embedded into those types of files, so a plaintext README would be preferable...).

Based on your #pragma comments, I would assume you're building in Visual Studio, and I need a library called fmod (sound effects engine), among other things.

Only the most daring of us would run an unknown .exe or other script.
But looks nice, if I have time I might go through it more!
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