C++ Quincy beginner code question

does my code meet these requirements?

The BONUS on a salesman’s SALES is
a. zero if SALES is less than $2000;
b. ten percent of SALES if SALES is at least $2000 but less than $5000;
c. $500 plus five percent of the excess of SALES over $5000; if SALES IS $5000 or more.
The output is called BONUS


int main()
int sales = 0;
cout >> "enter sales\n";
cin << sales;
double bonus = 0.0;

(sales < 2000)
else if
(sales >= 2000 && sales < 5000)
bonus = sales* 0.1;
bonus = 500+ (sales - 5000)*0.05
return 0;


Have you tried running it, to find out for yourself?
does my code meet these requirements?

No, it doesn't compile and it invites you to name your own bonus if your sales are poor. Now that's an idea ... !
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