First text-based game created by me. Tell me what you think please!

So I created my first game in C++. It is called Virtlife.
I really need your opinion on what I should add or remove. It is very interesting and funny and completely random.
Very good. Fun to play actually. Here is a summary of my life as a Norwegian women.

I was a female named Peter living in Norway. ;)
I was born with a liver disease. :(
In second grade I got into a fight, and I won! :D
Got another liver disease at age ten. :(
At age 13 I got hepatitis. Why so much problem with the liver?
At age 15 I got hepatitis again ...
At age 16 I started to date Liam Andersson.
At age 18 I finished high school and got 6869$ from my parents. Thanks. That's the first money I have ever owned. :D
At age 19 I started collage. I decided to study Sports science. Got into a fight that I won. And then I got intoxicated for some reason. I wonder how. It must have been the person I fighted that poisoned me because I don't do drugs! I tried to steal money from a businessman but got caught and had to spend one year in prison. The worst thing about this is that Liam decided to leave me. :(
At age 20 I decided to go to a party to find a new boyfriend but instead I went "clubbing" (whatever that is). Got into a fight that I won! Seem like I'm a good fighter! :D After that I apparently went to the paty after all.
At age 21 I am given ketamine but I don't take them because I suspect they are drugs. Instead I decided to start working for the Nantendo company.
At age 23 I finished collage.
At age 24 I lost my first fight. I've noticed that my happiness is very low so I decided to go on a holiday to the UK. I have great social skills so maybe I can meet someone.
At age 25 I started to date with Lucas Andersson. No time to lose, I thought, so I proposed right away but he didn't like it so he left me. :(
At age 26 I decided that I didn't want to live at my parents place anymore so I moved into a small apartment with one bedroom and one bathroom.
At age 27 I asked for a salary rise but I didn't get it so I decided to quit. Got a better job at Quartz Games instead.
At age 30 I started to date a 26-year-old named Lucas Korhonen.
At age 31 I was disapointed to find out that Lucas had become intoxicated and made me pregnant. I decided an abortion was the only right thing to do. I didn't want to give birth to the son of a drunkard. That was the last time I saw Lucas.
At age 33 I won a fight and apparently I made quite an impression because this man named Aron Andersson started dating me. I got pregnant right away but this time I decided to keep the baby. It turned out to be a boy so I named him after the great wizard Gandalf.
At age 34 I took an holiday to Turkey. I hope Aron and Gandalf was there too.
At age 35 Aron proposed to me and I accepted. We had a nice honeymoon in Portugal.
At age 37 I am given Salvia. Isn't that a sweetener? Better be safe so I turn down the offer.
At age 38 I got into a fight and accidentally killed the other person. 13 years in prison was my punishment. :( I guess I'm too good at fighting...
Aged 51, no job, no husband. Gandalf has just turned 18 so I guess I will not be seeing much of him anymore... Let's party! ... but I'm not allowed in because I'm too old :(
At age 52 my friends let me down and my 19 year old son gets a fever. I still got friends? Is Gandalf still living with me? I guess I'm not as alone as I thought. :) I decide to buy a larger apartment with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms so that we don't have to sleep in the same room.
At age 53 I decide to start working again. I got the same job that I had before, at Quartz Games. It's the best I could get.
At age 54 I started to date William Hansen (52 years old). Gandalf also got into relationship but it didn't last very long.
At age 55 I find out that Gandalf has been drinking. Not sure what I can do about that.
At age 58 I am offered cigarettes. No thanks, but thanks for asking. :/ I decide to go on a holiday to Greece instead.
At age 59 I got Pancreas cancer. Oh no... :O
At age 60 I decided to switch to a career in music. The stage name that I choose for myself is The Wrinkle. Let's rock! I start working on a song named "I am so old".
At age 61 I got cured from my pancreas cancer.
At age 62 I am finished with my song "I am so old". 84 copies are sold and I earn 252$ (lucky that I still have another job). Nevertheless, I start working on my next song "White hair".
At age 63 I decide to propose to William. He declined.
At age 66 I am offered my first tequila but I don't drink so no thanks. My song "White hair" is finished. It sells in 96 copies which earns me 288$.
At age 67 I decide to retire so that I can concentrate on my music. I start working on my next song "Not too late".
At age 69 the song is finished. It sells in 22175 copies and I make 66525$. Wohoo, this is my breakthough! I am now known internationally. I start working on my next song "Who needs teeth?". I also have a concert that gets attended by 16334 people which brings me 114338$. I'm rich! But I want more, so I decide to have a many more concerts which brings in a lot of money so now I have 6 million dollar!
At age 70 I decide to have a few more concerts so that I can buy luxary villa by the sea. I also buy a Peugeot X5. Now William can't say no, so I propose, and he says ... No, and then breaks up. What's wrong with him? I am rich, what more can you ask from a women?
At age 72 my 39 year old son Gandalf has a baby. I have a few more concerts but I'm not sure what to do with the money so I go on a holiday to Albania.
At age 73 my song "Who needs teeth?" is ready. It sells in 89554 copies and I make some more money.
At age 74 my son Gandalf gets married. I have a lot of concerts which brings my fortune up to 24 millon.
At age 76 I decide to retire from the rock scene and take up a criminal career as serial killer. My first attempt didn't go as planned but at least I didn't get caught.
At age 77 my 44 year old son Gandalf is divorced. :( I made a few more attempts at killing people but all attempts failed. I was caught and sentenced to death. R.I.P.

You mentioned letting you know what could be added or removed. well, you could add what the options mean for the 0 or 1. Wasn't sure if the 0 was no, or false and the 1 is yes, or true. Also, after pressing an answer of 0 or 1, it seems the second question asked would except the same answer, without waiting for an input. A little frustrating. But other than those small complaints, the game played really nice. I wasn't sure what to expect when I downloaded your code, but I also wasn't disappointed in its game play. Nicely done. Personally, I like the $ sign to be in front of money amounts, so I'll change my copy.

I'll play some more, and let you know if I find anything that can be added.

Thanks for giving everyone a chance to play your game.
This has nothing to do with the code itself, but here's some problems I see with the repository:

1. Try to avoid committing executable (*.exe) and object (*.o, *.obj) files. These files are likely to change every time you change the code, and you'll end up with a bloated repository from all the useless binaries. One time I shrank a repository to around a thousandth of its original size by stripping all the useless binaries. The rule of thumb I use for this is that if a file can be generated from other files in the repository, then it should be.
2. Files such as "Virtlife v1.1.layout" are only useful to you. This file in particular describes how Code::Blocks was displaying the project at the time made the commit. Again, this will likely change every time you make a new commit, as lines will shift around and you'll collapse or expand various sections. This will make the history harder for others to read. Try to avoid committing such files.
You made me really happy for playing my game. I think that you are the first ever person to actually like the game and not look at the code. Thanks man, I really appreciate it! I actually read every single word you wrote and I was laughing so hard! Thanks again!

Edit: You can try pressing 0 when asked for your name and this will give a random name, so that you won't be a female called Peter:)
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First of all, thanks for playing and for the good thoughts! I really appreciate your time for playing it.
Second, 1 means yes or accept and 0 means no or deny, but if you press anything else apart from 0 or 1 it will except the same answer, as you said. I will try to change this. Thanks for playing and for the suggestion!

Yesterday I gave your game a try, and it is very funny! I tested it numerous time actually, and there is little to critique about, but one thing:


There are 3 instances you are using gets in yor code, that makes it impossible to ccompile successfully in the VS 2015 environment. As I remember reading some months ago, this presents a security problem, meaning using gets. A better alternative might be to use the fgets function instead, or maybe cin.get() will also do? Not sure at the moment.

Maybe you will consider to use something different instead. (I am very sorry that I can't tell you what you could use instead, but you will find something, that - I am certain of.)

Anyway, keep on going. :-))
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