Hi guys! I need help ... I intend to make a game with Allegro only that I want to make changes to the compiled file without the players having to download again. I thought one thought this would work out with a library. I also thought of a library that loads not only images from files hosted on the internet, but that I can save on the internet and modify the C ++ code and compile at the time the player is playing. Will you help me? Thank you.
FYI fetching the images from the web is going to have performance problems. Recompile on demand is also going to be slow. What in the world are you trying to do? Most game devs favor speed over slow; you appear to be seeking out the slowest possible way to do something here. Its almost like you wanted to use an interpreted language or a web browser type language....

What you are asking is doable of course. It just feels like a design problem.

I got nothing on the how-to if you want to do it anyway -- I thought allegro was an allergy med.

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