How to create an online gun store...And the billing system with it?
C nor C++ isn't the best language to do this in... You probably want to go with HTML+JavaScript+CSS along with some backed language.
use more words. what is this for (real? school? other?). What are the requirements. Etc. The spelling in your subject makes me thing we are about to get reditrolled.
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Trying to write a frontend in C++ is a lot more complicated than can be reasonably answered in 8,192 or less characters. Or a handful multiples of 8,192 characters.

It certainly is not going to be easy if you are going to be using a very common compiler in India, Turbo C.
Thank you for your fast replies ! Well I want to create a gunstore with the following data:

For example ,PISTOLS contain 5 guns:Beretta,Desert eagle,R1895, P18C, P1911...I want to specify the damage , effective range and the price of each of these guns.Then the user has to choose the gun he/she wishes to buy and the price of the guns chosen by them must be added to the billing .Then the user is asked to input some of his details for billing.

I am just a school guy so not much ideas about this ....Anything about this ?..And thanks in advance!

It's just for school stuff.
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Well, how much do you know about programming this? This is probably a foundations I or II programming equivalent assignment from what I can tell. If you have no idea where to start, go read up on classes and object oriented programming.

It's also better if you gave us some code to see where you're at so we can get an idea of how to help.

Well i'm stuck with calling the price at the billing . And thank you fiji885
the price should be a straight lookup table read from a database or disk file or something. Maybe a map. Whatever.
nothing much more than
price = container[selection] once you have the data organized in some way.
or price = container.find(selection)

Sounds like a good school project. Though I am disappointed, I wanted to shop here when you were done :P
Sorry for the late reply.Thank you for your idea ,Jonnin. Well, the project is near to the end of the line.Just a few days and u can come shopping :)
P.S.This project is to be made from C++
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