affine texture mapper problem

I am trying to write an affine texture mapper for my software renderer and it seems to work but not as I excpected, this is what I get after drawing a triangle between P0(48,48) P1(32,16) P2(16,48) on a 64x64 screen using an 8x8 texture
result :

I am using the scanline algorithm to draw the triangle and interpolate texture coordinates.
after interpolating the (u,v) at a pixel I get the corresponding textel position like this:
int textureX = u * (texture.width  - 1) + 0.5f;
int textureY = v * (texture.height - 1) + 0.5f;
// plot the pixel with color texture[textureX][textureY]; 

what could the problem be.

I was interpolating U and V but that was a mistake because they are not linear functions,
I had to interpolate U/Z and V/Z instead and then multiply both of them by Z to get the correct result.
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┬┐how are you computing 'u' and 'v'?
the band fighting may be a precision issue, however the "square" end up being 5x4 so there is another reason.
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