visual basics?

Ok lets get straight to the point my question is do i want to leanr visual basic is it worth anything can i usefully use it? leave a comment
It depends on what you want to do.

If you want to boost your calculations in Excel, then yes, learn VB (or VBA). If you want to make console apps or anything that starts to get more complicated then you don't really need to start with VB, just go straight to C or C++, or Java, or any of that stuff.
@ stewbond
But is it a good beginner start? and can it produce games and make useful programs?
Yes, VB is excellent. Its nice and easy. Its most exciting feature is that it is an RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool. If You want to create window based applications (with GUI and buttons, textboxes and etc) its the best.
And by the way, I would recommend learning VB.NET instead of VB6.
Visual basic will be able to make games and such, but because it's a RAD it lacks some of the in-depth commands c++ has... it depends how good you want your game to be, or if you want your programs to be useful AND optimized.
would you reccomend me to learn it then?
I wouldn't. Diving straight into C or C++ isn't that much harder than learning VB as a first step and lets you make better programs.
ok thanks... i started to learn VB im half way in? but im stoping and learning C#
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