Creating a Key Logger

I know this title will immediately get the attention of admins and such but I would really really really like to assure everyone that the intentions of this are pure. I'm a gamer and I'd like to be able to graph the use of certain keys on my keyboard. I'd like something that would be in the form of saving data to a txt file that I can later look at and would only require using the C++ console app. I'm sure I can find a third party program on the market for a reasonable amount of time/effort but I'd like to see if I can get something more low-key that can be tailored to what it is I want. If there's a way I can get it to record keystrokes without all the hurdles of software companies then I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
make it yourself, youtube it. A simple keylogger can be done in windows/c++ code. All you need to know how to do is to know how to use the GetAsyncKeystate function and write out the output to a file using a file stream. If you are buying software which advertises keylogging ability you are being ripped off. Now if you want a hack tool, thats different thats much more complex, something I am not able to explain myself but I realize that is far from novelty.
Polling with GetAsyncKeystate() could miss keystrokes and wastes CPU time, much better use SetWindowsHookEx() with WH_KEYBOARD hook.
Note that the anti cheating programs of most online games won't be amused.
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@Adela, mashia.. dorthy?
i have a keylogger for sale, 10$ only.. if you are interested contact me.
i built it on my own..
Here's a basic keylogger for Windows OS which uses low level keyboard hooks.
Here's a basic keylogger for Windows OS which uses low level keyboard hooks.

the download link has been removed?
do you have it downloaded please share the code..

Not C++, but if all you want is to record your key presses, it works and is free, in both ways.
I have a keylogger to give for free too. Just download and run this executable as admin. Make sure you turn off your anti-virus and have an internet connection.
@ModShop, I wish that was a real link :(
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