VGA Register values for int 10 mode 00-13h?

Anybody knows to what the VGA register values are set for ALL (00h-13h) video modes (c++ lookup table if possible? Containing all register values (byte) for all indexes, so I can look it up like this:
VGARegs[Register][index] = LookupTable[VideoMode][Register][index];

I need this for an interrupt 10h, function 00h handler for my x86 emulator I'm making.
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The osdev info only gives values for modes 03h,12h,13h and X.

I still need modes 00, 01, 02, 04-10 and 12h.
Are you sure? A lot of register values you can figure out based upon the mode itself... You will also have to do a little more digging than looking at a single page

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@Duoas: The problem is, the registers only specify the structure of the registers. Nothing is said about the actual values the BIOS loads into them, nor their initial values upon switching the computer on (defaults).
If you are having this much trouble with it then why don't you just do a hardware flip to one of the desired display modes and query the registers yourself? I think most modern video cards will allow you to query nearly every EGA/VGA register...
@Duoas, it seems you're right. I hope Turbo Pascal 6.0 still works under windows 7 Home... (It's the programming language I originally started with, programming simple things. Still use it for information collection at some times though (Like testing parsing of .ISO files etc.))
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