Call out to all the C++ GAME PROGRAMMERS!!

If there is any c++ game programmers (or any other game programming language programmers) I would like to ask you guys a question.
How much math and physics do you need to be able to be a decent game programmer? I'm quite ok at physics, but math is my Achilles heel. Do you need to be good at math that you can an A-Level and or a degree out of or just some detailed of knowledge of trigonometry, algebra etc.
I'd really appreciate this because I'm about to go to college (England College, not US) and if I know that need to be a wiz at math, I can go beyond my C grade and go for a B or A.
If you're doing things like graphics, then a firm understanding of linear algebra is required to understand how to translate planes or objects to different views.

If you're doing an RPG, then I suppose you need to know how to do addition to subtract the damage from your HP.

Advanced stuff like calculus isn't really needed so much if you're not in the engineering simulation side of things.

Unless you're actually writing a physics model, you probably don't need to know that much about physics, only enough so that you can implement such a model.

As an aerospace engineer, the toughest part about coding for me is the structure of a problem, how to share data between elements, where to stick methods, and how to provide nice interfaces for classes. The content of the implementation has never really been a big problem for me. Sure I've had to do fluid-dynamics simulations and stress analysis, but a quick google search tells me all I need to know on those subjects, it's the design of the class that is the toughest and is what will make you a good programmer.
Strong math skills are definitely something you want. The more advanced concepts in comp-sci require good foundational math skills.
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