Strange SFML Texture Problem in GDB

I have a program that compiles, runs and exits perfectly fine. When run outside of a debugger (I have tried GDB and OllyDbg), everything displays fine. When I run it in a debugger, however, it seems as though the Textures all somehow end up referencing the same image data. This happens in both GDB and OllyDbg. It still runs/exits w/o any errors though...


Any ideas of why this happens? I'm not using OpenGL directly, just the SFML interface.
I found out that having the most insignificant variable uninitialized can lead to very different results when running the program and when debugging it. Check if you have everything initialized
I'll double check, but I don't see how that would effect anything. The program runs perfectly fine in and out of the debugger, but in the debugger the sf::Sprites all seem to some how reference the same sf::Texture, but still keep their proper rotation, position and scale.
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