switch statements using int

Hi, I am somewhat new to C++. I am testing switch statements to better understand how they work. I created a simple program, but my program is not functioning the way it should. I don't have any compiling errors, but the program exits right away. I'm not sure if I'm using the switch statements correctly:

int option = 0;

switch(option) {
case = '1':
Input(); //this is part of a class
case = '2':
Display(); //this is part of a class
case = '0':
cout <<"Good Bye" << endl;
I want the program to display the functions when the user has entered either 1 or 2 and exit when 0 is entered. Also, is a switch statement similar to if/else? Or is my thought process completely off.
Have you seen the "The selective structure: switch." section on this page?

Control Structures

It's includes an example of a switch statement and the equivalent if statement

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You have a couple of problems here
First have a break after every case unless you know what youre doing
And second dont use ' ' around the numbers. Instead just put
case 1:
//Bla bla bla
case 2:
What Angeljruiz said,

using the 'break;' keyword will break the loop, otherwise the switch will carry on running. So if you value is 2, and you don't have a break, it will play everything under 2.

Also switch can ony be used with 'char' and 'int', as far as I'm aware.
Thank you andywestken, Angeljruiz andCallum5042,

I took out the single quotes and added the break in. Program is functioning correctly.

Again Thank you,

Do you understand why the single quotes were giving you problems, or did you just get the right result and move on?


'1' is the constant value for the character 1. It has an integer value 49 (in ASCII).
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Yea I realized it after. If I was using char it would have been okay. I realized that single quotes are used for characters and double quotes are used for string.
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