Periodic Table Program

Hi, I'm attempting to write a program "mapping" the Periodic Table of the Elements. I want the user to be able to input any data on an element (such as name, symbol, mass, number, etc) and get back a list of all that element's stats and info, but I have no idea where to begin.
creating an array of all the elements ?
you want to put different datatypes together for each element. for example: int number, string name, float weight, etc., so you can't just use an array.
also, if i understand that right, you want to save that info and edit it from time to time.
you should have a look at reading and writting to files and how to seperate your output in that file.
Create a class to represent each element.
class Element
{  string name;
    int number;
    string symbol;
    float weight;
    // etc;

Now you can create either an array or vector of Element instances.
You'll probably want to load it from a file.
Once you've loaded the array or vector, you will want different methods to search it (by name, by symbol, by number, etc).

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