Your C++ 2D Engine ?????

Hi, everyone !!
This is my first post. (Because I'm just a newbie ?? :)). Any disappointing point (!!!), please tell me, I'll improve my writing & myself.... :thumbs up !!!

Your C++ 2D Engine ?
Hello? What do you think about DOS ??? cin, cout, printf, scanf...or any input-render Dos functions ???

And DOS -> Windows API (or OpenGL) ?? Good solution with a better look, but do you remember all the various complex name-function-structure syntax of all different categories (Core (window), sound, video, ...???) and try handling all the strange messages and events ???

And no need to say more...

In short, Have you got any your own 2D C++ Engine yet? If so, tell me, what ??

For example :
Want the simplicity ? Yes ! And my favorite :

I tested many different engines and finally I chose HGE. (And now I'm still happy ???!!!)
You can start developing your own game within 15 minutes (!!!)

HGE (Haaf's Game Engine) is a DirectX Engine and it's developed by Haaf.
Although the HGE will never be developed anymore, but other Plugins or many powerful HGE helpers are in progress and they will be added in future.
It includes many functions with maximum optimization, high FPS rate, clear and reliable for any newbie that want to switch from ugly Dos screen to an easy and modern interface.

(Need images & examples ??)

Any starter want to discover HGE, click here !!! (:thumbs up !!)

Description from HGE (If you have time): click here !!!

Want to enter to HGE forum and join the HGE community ? : Here

Want to search later by google ?? Only typing "HGE" - enough !!!

Don't be afraid. It's totally free, and open source !!!
All functions are very very easy to understand, no complex variables & structures...
HGE will do all messages and events for you. You simply get the message you want by only a single call (If you need)
HGE can create dialogs, lovely various effects, load videos & animations (can be used for splash screen), play sounds etc... All in one !!!
If you need help, please feel free to ask your questions or your doubts in the HGE fourm, many friendly people in the world will help & answer you earnestly.

And... A tip : The HGE Engine not only is used to make great games but also it can create softwares & tools. Access the HGE forum to see more !!

And many more... ?? No..This is enough !!!

And you ? Have you had your own engine ?
If so, tell me what the engine you are using and how it works.
If not, try the HGE now !!! :D:D

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Is this some new kind of spam?
No. It's not spam. It's my first post, like an advertisment, but also it's a question.
Thanks for your feedback ! But do you like this engine ? And yours ? :)
If I'm wrong something, sorry.
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Hello? What do you think about DOS ??? cin, cout, printf, scanf...or any input-render Dos functions ???
For example, A bad similar language is Pascal. All times on DOS interface we have to fight the jumble code with a 'death' blue screen....??

Ok, I will bite.

You have some misconceptions there - cin & printf have nothing to do with DOS, or any OS. they are part of C / C++ and are independent of the OS. I use C++ on Linux, other people use MAC, we all use cin, cout etc, nothing to do with DOS.

Pascal is similarly bad to what? DOS? Again, completely unrelated.

Very few coders write apps for DOS these days (The DOS API is 16 bit assembler - last time I used it)- or did you mean console apps?

If you are going to make this kind of post, put it in the Lounge page, this General page is for programming problems / advice.

I would also advise to be careful about what you say, there are a number of very knowledgeable members on this site (much more than me), so if you carry on a lot about things you don't really know about, then others might not have a very high opinion of you. Be careful not to act like a troll.

Good luck!! :)
+1 what you said, TheIdeasMan !!!

Wow, many negative points !!! Anything else??? Help !!!!!!!!!
In fact, This is my first advertisment, also it may contain many issues or bad styles, I know. Some of my opinions or comments are not right or have too much emotion. But you can ignore this advertisment and only answer the question, and actually the advertisment is redundant, and not much related to the topic title.

I'll watch the good news and try catching the bad news !!!! :)
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