how can HINDI be possibly used as an input to an ARRAY in dev c++ with the help of UNICODES?
i tried to give input to the array with the help of a file but it only returned garbage values.
kindly reply
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Use a more recent ide like code::blocks


It uses UTF-8 where hindi shouldn't be a problem.

A problem occurs when you try to use the console for in/outputing hindi because the console under windows uses it's own code page. theoretically it should be possible to switch to UTF-8, but practically i don't think it works.
Actualy im using code::blocks only but UTF-8 is also not helping.

And the latter part about about the "console",i coud'nt understand.
can u plz elaborate?
you don't use the console?
how do you determine that that it is garabage values?
why is UTF-8 not helping? It's supposed to contain hindi characters
actually when i get the out put in the file through 'fstream' and when i use UTF-8 or any other type,it shows me all other languages except hindi.
it shows me all other languages except hindi
What is "it"
the word file file or the notepad in which im giving the output
your problem consists of two parts: character set and font.

simple programs like notepad just guess what character set is to be used. it might very well guess wrong. And there must be the right font (which constains the graphical representation of the symbols). You must ensure that both are correct.

does code::blocks shows the characters correctly? if so open you output file with code blocks. Or use firefox and set it to the right character set. Notepad++ might also be an option.

In any case you need to make sure that the characters can be shown (i.e. the correct font is installed).

This link might be helpful:

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