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I have a function which returns a 2d array. I want to print this 2d array out into a file (on one line). I can obviously loop through and print with an ofstream object but this is very slow (and this function is called a lot and is critical to my application's performance).

Is there a faster way (e.g. concatenating the char array into a std::string and then printing)?
I don't think there is a direct method . But there can a be a different alternative , use standard outout (fast ones like printf() not cin , and fastest like getchar_unlocked) and call your file externally from a batch file executing batch command to write output produced to file (.txt or .*).

Example of batch if you are unaware is (for windows) :-

@echo off
rem run tests
main.exe < > 1.out

where main.cpp is your src code which compiles to main.exe , you may remove if you dont want to feed input.
(Note i gave this external solution as you said you are working in an application , so i assumed its not contest or anything similair)
A while ago I was playing with "the game of life"
and wanted to display successive generations of cells. The difference between using cout and printf was dramatic, it made an very significant difference.

In that case I was dealing with screen output, but I've also seen similar increases in speed using disk file output too.

If I was dealing with a lot of single character values in an array, I'd be tempted to add a null terminator and printf or puts an entire row as a single c-string. That's assuming there are not zero-bytes as valid data.
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