How can i code this.

How do i write a program that prints textual equivalents of number in the range 0- 999
Let's see what code you have so far we won't do your homework.

When you post the code, always use code tags - the <> button on the right

If you have any compiler errors - post them in full as well

Hope all goes well.
lol not home work am just learn this on my own.. using functions, just wondering how i could do this. am clueless
10 if or switch for the first number (=100,200,300,...)
10 if or switch for the second number
10 if or switch for the third number
13 if or switch for zero till twelve

make 3 functions, one for each number position
We had a contest here a couple months ago for a problem similar to this. You'll need an array to hold ones digits, tens digits, and hundreds digits. You can get pretty clever with this, actually.
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