BGL graph

I'm trying to create some specific structure with Boost Graph Library.
I need to have nodes (vertexes) with input and output ports. Each ouput port could be connected to any input port of other node. I want to be able to check if specific output or input port is connected to any other port.

The idea is to use std::map as OutEdgeList inside of adjacency_list.

According to:
I'm only able to select one of std::vector, std::list, std::slist, std::set, std::multiset and std::hash_set.
(you can choose mapS as a type but it is implemented as std::set and I cannot get the value by key)

And I have a couple of questions:
1) Is it possible to use std::map? If yes how?
2) How can I iterate throught inputs of vertex when using std::map?
3) If the above is impossible, how can I implement structures that suits the problem?

Thank you!
Look at the visitor concept:

This should do what you want
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