New C++ Program Free to Test

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I'm going to state this again just to be clear: I will be making a YouTube video showing you the process of downloading it and running it, so you can be certain it's not a virus.
ok guys if you really feel its a virus (and im sorry softwaretime but nothing you do can really turn them at this point (i believe you though; i tried running it but i have a mac)) then run it on a honey pot or in a sand box or run it though av first

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@Aramil of Elixia

Thanks a mill! Although I'm not that understanding completely, I'll one day soon get it =]
With you being self taught, about how long did it take you to learn C? Were you studying day in and out...details like that.

I know this irrelevant to the original question in the thread. Sorry guys.
ummm well i have written code for two years. i studied day in and day out, and was and still am obsessed with it. However i learn new things every day. like today i figured out how to enlarge an array after it was set. i think i switched from c -> c++ after maybe two months
and dont worry, i didnt get it either. i spent hours on the most trivial programs trying to figure out what i did wrong
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