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This program took 3 months to develop and is now ready to be tested by other users.

The purpose of this program is to make mathematical functions such as interquartile range (spread of data), running totals, algorithms and mean average much more simplified and easy to calculate. This would be useful for things like keeping track of scores, or measuring progress over a long period of time (i.e. how much money you make over a period of 6 months). The Nth Term Sequence function would also be useful for generating secure passwords.

This software is free of cost, but it's closed source so the code hasn't been provided to keep it from being copied or modified.

Compatible with Windows XP and up.

Here is the download link: <----

Send Feedback to this email address: <----
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Wow! A software! But, mathTool.exe : 0 kb!!! Please re-check your link.
what operating system are you using?
I, am currently using Windows XP Os. C++ program? Console program or Windows API?
This is a GUI program, maybe try a different browser.
What is your Web brower? It seems you currently aren't using one of these operating systems : XP-Vista-7 OS.
I'm using Chrome on Windows XP, can you describe your problem in detail because I've tried downloading it from this link and it works.
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His link worked fine on my computer Windows 7, and in both IE and Chrome
Thank you, just in case you didn't see this in the post can you send some feedback to my email address if you could because that would be really helpful.
Can you post your software at somewhere else please? For example I'm using FileDen, and I really like it.
I'd like to see your code and love to watch how your program works.
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hmm... I don't know what I should say now, but :
A strange error message appears.
It says :

"Math Tool.exe
Math Tool.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

If you were in the middle of something, the information you were working on might be lost."

Sorry, I can't test your program on my OS. But, can you give program screenshots, or post a Youtube video? It's a great idea to get more helpful comments, opinions and suggestions from others.

Hope this helps :)

Not bad. I would change the name though, by taking out the space between Math and Tool, and replacing it with an underline. I had a problem downloading the program, until I did that. Also, I would clear the input bar after the clicking on the 'Enter On Table' button, otherwise it has to be cleared manually, and that gets to be a PAIN.
What's the point? If we can't see the source code we can't analyze it to give feedback to you. We can't use it as a tool because it might have unknown bugs. It's an unknown EXE from an unverified source so it's not trustworthy to even run.

There's no reason to think anyone will bother to steal your code with all the high quality free code available on the net. If you want feedback, post the source...
There are no errors in this program, it has been tried and tested and there's nothing the user can do to make this program crash. Plus I've renamed it to Math_Tool.exe so there are no spaces, which was apparently causing some problems when people were trying to open it.

Edit: I'm going to make a youtube video showing that this program isn't malicious in the next week so you can be sure about it's security.
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There are no errors in this program
There are ALWAYS bugs in any remotely complicated code.

And it's not that I think your code is particularly buggy or you are untrustworthy, it's simply that an executable is of no interest to me since I can't use it in my own programs or learn anything from it. Programs like Maxima and Scilab are also free and open-source so I can use their pieces as I like. Plus, they're well supported and documented.

I applaud your work but I still don't see the point of hiding the source. No one will steal it when they can get a pro math package for free. Plus, it would enable the coders on sites like this to give you some real feedback.
It's up to you of course...
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Thanks, I always wanted a free virus! Usually to get a virus these days I have to let my guard down :)
i once made a virus for security software just to test it, then came back to it later and forgot what it was and accidentally ran it... the security software didnt work out so well...
@Aramil of Elexia

I'm new to programming and quite fascinated (obsessed) with the whole process. What I'm really curious about is how viruses are made, I've done a lot of research on what they are but that's as far as I've gotten. Would you kind of touch briefly on the process, a summary per say. *pardon my grammar and English* :)


I learning the language c++ now, self teaching. What languages do you know and if you are excellent with c++ how long did it take you to start making more sophisticated software/programs etc
ill get back to you on that let me do some things
ok so first of all mine were all on windows becuase they were batch files and then a friend gave me a compiler for them so i could make them exes. I learned well c through self-teaching but the payoff is really great so your on the right track. I can write, not neccesarily sophisticated, code in twelve language.
c, c++, obj-c, html, css, javascript, php, batch, shell scripts, java, ruby, and python.

i wont do a tutorial, but a general understanding of how viruses are made. You start with what you want it to do. Lets say this one keeps making windows pop up on your screen. Then you write the various batch/vb scripts to do that. then what you have to do is write program that the end user activates that writes the virus into startup and hides it
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